On the HorizonYesterday I went to a giant park to film the final scene for my latest short film that I am the producer on. What I thought would be just half an hour of quick filming turned out to be one of the most beautiful nights of my entire life.

Not only was the view amazing, but the people were too. As we waited for the right lighting, the colors of the sunset astonished me. Starting out orange, the sky ranged from pink to green to shades of purple and blue. I truly cold not have asked for a better night to film, but to also take pictures.

It just goes to show you that luck can be just as big of a factor in photography as a good camera and lens. Though the only lens that I had with me was a standard 50mm, I was able to pull off some beautiful shots.

NOOOOWhat times have there been where you have been able to get that “perfect shot”?

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