Interning with Hear Nebraska

Lunch at O’Leaver’s | April 10, 2015

This semester I had the privilege of being the Omaha Multimedia Intern for Hear Nebraska. They’re a local nonprofit dedicated to cultivating the musical community in Nebraska. Everyone that works there is awesome and they’re just a great bunch of people to be around.

I went into it looking for experience and that’s what I found. I was shooting a couple of times a week: concerts, portraits, and other shows, and it was an absolute blast. But it was also a challenge. A large part of my portfolio previously had been landscapes and other shots where interacting with real humans was really not in the picture (pun intended).

Matt Whipkey at The Waiting Room | Jan. 23, 2015

But the people at Hear Nebraska saw something they liked and took a chance with me, and I’ve learned so much in the process. Over these last few months I’ve become a better photographer, just by being able to shoot so much more, and I’ve also been able to narrow down my style. I learned what it was like to work with hard and fast deadlines (like coming back from a show at 1:00am and staying up till 3:00am editing those photos for publishing the next day), and I learned more about the types of photos I like to shoot, what I’m best at, and what I still need to work on.

Cursive at The Waiting Room | March 21, 2015

There was lots of hard work involved but the experience was next to none. I was a little wary, starting off with a shoot that easily tops the list of weirdest photo shoots that I’ve ever done, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking to get into concert photography, or even just anyone who likes music and wants to learn how to take better pictures.

Below I’ll put a few other favorites that I took throughout the semester. Peace.

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