A Roadtrip to Chicago

It was a vacation for the end of the summer, ten days before the start of school. And it was just the right amount of time to become a tourist in Chicago and to see a few dogs along the way.

Since studying abroad, being back in the States is weird. I had an internship over the summer and it was the same thing every day. Wake up, go to work, drive home, and eat dinner. Don’t get me wrong, working at the airport as a photography intern was one of the best experiences in my life, but there was a huge difference between that and the daily adventures abroad.

Abroad you get to travel, you get to see new sights and do new things. You can visit new cities every weekend, or explore new places in your own adopted city. There’s truly an adventure waiting around every corner.

But back home that’s different and you start to sink back into a routine and that’s bad. You have to actively seek out new opportunities and new adventures.

So I drove to Chicago. For the adventure. (But also to visit the amazing girl I met studying abroad).

Also, a side note: If you’ve thought about studying abroad but still aren’t sure, check out this video we filmed together!


When you drive across 4 states in two days, something is bound to happen. I took a timelapse of my drive and everything was quiet, until I saw a burning car on the side of the road (don’t worry, it looked like everyone was safe):


So this is what I found after all of that driving. Town spirit in the form of a parade and some cute dogs to top it all off!

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There’ll be a few more posts about the rest of the trip where we go to museums and explore the city. And we have a few videos posted on our YouTube channel as well. Until then. Cheers!

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