Chicago Botanic Gardens

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While visiting my girlfriend in Chicago, we took a day to go to the Botanic Gardens, huge gardens filled with flowers of all kinds. Above is a video that we shot there and we’ve got a few pictures here from that experience as well.

I’d been to the Denver Botanic Gardens before, but that barely prepared me for the huge amount of flowers and vast variety that can be found in Chicago. They’ve got your normal flower gardens but there is also a Japanese garden covering three islands, an English garden, a garden for the blind…you name it, they have it. We barely covered half of the gardens in the three hours that we spent there!

So take a look at the pictures we took there and watch the video above. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel cause there’ll be a lot more travel videos and others in the next few months.


Photo credit: Stephanie Brount

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