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I’ve been back home in Denver for the holidays, and as I sat in the airport heading to a month of travel in Europe, I started thinking about what home means. Of course it’s the place I grew up, the suburbs of Denver, the house my parents live in, but it’s something else as well.Home is different for every one of us. It’s a place, but there’s more to it than that. It’s a feeling as well. Home is where we are comfortable, where we know the best place to get a late-night pint of ice cream, and where our closest friends are. We may live in many places in our lifetime but only a few of them will feel like home.

For all of the places I’ve visited, and the few places that I’ve lived, there are only two so far that I can call home: Denver and Berlin. So maybe it’s a sense of comfort that draws me back to Berlin as a place to live and work, or maybe it’s a sense of unfinished adventure. One thing that I know for sure, is that while the suburbs of Denver have long since given me everything they can offer, with Berlin, I’ve barely scraped the surface.

But no matter where I end up, Denver will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s not everywhere were it’ll snow one day and the next it’s pure blue skies and 60 degrees. And those mountains and sunsets aren’t too bad either.

So here’s to home, some place different for all of us, but perfect for us all the same. Now let the adventures begin.

As part of my series A Moment in Time, I filmed a video that I’m working on putting together right now. Originally, I thought about releasing the film and the blog post at the same time, but that would have taken too long for you guys to see anything. (It’s much quicker to write up a post and edit a few pictures than editing and producing a short film). So, instead, take this as a kind of preview for what’s to come. Get ready for something awesome!

Update (6 January 2017): The video is live!


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