A Moment in Time // Köln

This is the post for Episode 2 of “A Moment in Time”. For Episode 1 (Denver), click here!

Been there, done that. After what’s probably close to my 30th time visiting Cologne, it can get a bit mundane. It’s the same thing that happens when you live in a city. The extraordinary becomes the mundane and you get used to what’s around you. That’s why we travel, especially to exotic destinations all over the globe. We could use a little extra spice in our lives.

But, there’s also lots to see in our own cities or the places we’ve grown up visiting. So just like in Denver, I forced myself to get a new perspective, to get shots that I’d never gotten before, and to keep an open mind.

Thankfully, the light was pretty perfect too. Props to you, Sun!



Next up: Vienna!

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