A Moment in Time // Vienna

This is the post for Episode 3 of “A Moment in Time”. For Episode 2 (Köln), click here!

The Austrian Air Fokker 100 that flew us to Vienna seemed ripped right out of the past, but there was no complaining about the wider seats with more leg room that stemmed from a time of less cost-cutting. It was a sign of what was to come in Vienna: the classics in a modern city.

In the sun I couldn’t get over the feeling that this city felt like Barcelona, but in the snow it transformed into the city I had imagined. Vienna is a beautiful city and it’s filled with culture just like any other European city: an amazing opera house, beautiful churches, castles, and museums. And there was even a US-style craft brewery.

So, take a look at the film and scroll through the pictures (I know there’s a lot but I promise it’s worth it)!



Keep an eye on the next post for some photos from Budapest, a city that’s on the Danube as well, but one that’s even more impressive. Cheers!

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