A Moment in Time // Budapest

This is the post for Episode 4 of “A Moment in Time”. Find all of the episodes here!

I flew into Budapest late at night and didn’t think much of it at first. I took the Metro straight to my hostel, and it being underground and pitch black outside, I barely caught a glimpse of the city. So imagine how surprised I was when I walked out of the hostel in the morning. It was like crossing the threshold into a dream: unforgiving cold, but equally as beautiful. 

Since I had been to another city on the Danube (Vienna) just a week before I thought I would try to compare the two during my trip, but there is no comparing the two. Budapest is at a whole other level–a comparison wouldn’t be fair.

I was absolutely breathless as I rode the bus up into the hills of Buda. With every turn a new masterpiece of architecture came into view and, once I reached the top, the view of the city split by the Danube was like none I had ever seen.


Next stop: Berlin!

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