A Moment in Time // Berlin

This is the post for Episode 5 of “A Moment in Time”. Find all of the episodes here!

I wanted to explore new places while I was back traveling in Europe, but I couldn’t deny myself time to spend in my beloved city of Berlin. Partly I went back here to look for job opportunities but, really, I couldn’t resist the draw of the city any longer. I had unfinished business and there was still so much to see (the Currywurst Museum, for example).

It seems the airlines had something against me the day I was supposed to fly out. You see, I had planned my flights so that each leg would be just about an hour. But that soon evolved into an eight-hour delay after ‘technical problems’, multiple false starts, and, on top of that, icy weather that engulfed Budapest. It was completely hectic, but just something you’ve got to take in stride.

Berlin, itself, was just as amazing as I remembered it. I stayed in a different part of the city than where I had lived a year before. But when I went back to my old stomping grounds and walked around there I couldn’t help but smile so huge I probably looked like a crazy person to all of the Berliners. It is definitely a home for me, even if I’m not living there now. I don’t know how to explain that, but if you do, you understand me completely.

So take a look at my photos of Berlin in winter: some blue skies, a bit of snow, and graffiti at every street corner.

Spring 2016 CIEE G27 Alumni – all of the feels.

Hey look…my old room!


What’s important is what’s around the corner 😉

A post-Christmas massacre.

But they don’t sell noodles.

Beware of the french fries.

Start ’em out young.

No it’s not

Yeah…that’s true

The view from my hostel window #thattoweragain

This sight brought tears to my eyes

Under the Brandenburg Gate

Does your hostel have a rooftop bar?

New wallpaper?

I met a cool photog here

It used to be nothing.

Where airplanes used to fly, now the birds do.

It looks like a giant golf ball from down here.

Walls dividing countries are never a good idea.

Berlin is a totally different city in the winter than when the weather gets warm. Everyone is hidden away from the snow and the cold, but I kind of like it better. The line at Mustafa’s is not as long.

There’s one more post in this series: Amsterdam, so keep an eye out for that in the next couple weeks. Congrats if you read to the end. Comment “Döner is life”. Peace.

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