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Denver is exploding. I’ve seen more construction in the past two months than I had seen in the 18 years I spent growing up here. It seems that people can’t get enough of it: the thin air, the legalized flora, or the world-class skiing and hiking just a step to the left. Many of the locals hate the change–it’s getting too crowded–but I’ve become energized by it. I say, bring it on.

The culture here is fantastic; you might say it’s a mix of the two coasts. Laid-back charm with East Coast style. Boutique coffee shops and restaurants are popping up between the hundreds of craft breweries in the city. Stores selling beautiful artisanal goods are dotted among them, all catering to the Mile High style.

The Source

Ranked among the top market halls in Denver, The Source brings it all under one roof: packed restaurants, a chilled coffee shop, a few lifestyle stores, and a brewery and tap-room to boot.

I made plans to come here after hearing about Boxcar Coffee Roasters, a brand, originating in Boulder, that has a unique take on the brewing process. Because of the elevation (over a mile above sea level), water boils at 202 degrees–just the perfect temperature for a cup of coffee. They call it the Boildermakr method, and it was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Try the No. 7 Brew–hints of chocolate and citrus in the smoothest coffee you’ll ever taste.

I came for the coffee; I stayed for the food.

Acorn is situated directly to the right as you walk in. The design is simple and elegant, matching that of the rest of the market hall. A window reaches across, wall-to-wall, from the floor to the ceiling, easily 40 feet up. Grab a seat at the bar or across from the chefs, but if you want a table you’d better come early, because this place is packed.

And it’s no wonder. The food is incredible. If everything else on the menu is as fantastic as the grilled cheese I had, you won’t be disappointed.

A classic Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup–brought to the next level.



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