Zurich: Week 1

It’s been a week. You’ve asked for pictures. I’ve got some things to say. So, here goes nothing:

First, let’s list a few things out.

  1. Zurich is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning.
  2. You’ve got one hell of a long day here, so you better pack it full of adventure. Up at 5 and in bed after 9 gives you a full day of light…and it’s just getting longer.
  3. It’s way expensive. I mean, really, really expensive. Tons of nice cars but I shouldn’t have to pay 50 Fr. (basically $50) for a few days worth of groceries.
  4. It’s small (compared to Berlin or London). You can walk anywhere in the city. (I’ve managed to average about 16,000 steps a day).
  5. Air conditioning wouldn’t hurt when it hits 90 degrees three days in a row.
    1. But, I did figure out the secret: jump in the lake. It’s way more refreshing than any AC could ever be.
  6. People are actually still awake after 10pm, so it’s really not as quiet as everyone says. (I think they just say that to keep away the tourists).


And now for the pictures:

Could you do it?

That’s my plane! P.S. <3 you Icelandair.

Ah, DEN, my old friend.

That sign’s supposed to say “Reykjavik”. I like that hat though.

Missed my train from the Zurich airport by a minute. The Swiss may be a bit too efficient for their own good.

That’s my apartment!

I’d say my view is pretty spectacular.



I told you it was stunning, didn’t I?

Greenest grass I’ve seen.


Kinda wanted to swim aboard.

Now, that’s impressive.

Eh, just thought this looked cool.


Yeah, pretty cool, right?

Wouldn’t mind living there.

Here’s the city.

Wait, that’s my Facebook cover photo.

At least there’s still graffiti here.

So that was just a sample of the pictures I’ve taken so far. There’s quite a few more but I’ll save those for next time. We’ll talk again next week.


Marco 🙂


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