Zurich Botanical Gardens

It’s been a busy few weeks since I visited one of the (and probably the biggest) Botanical Gardens in Zürich. It’s wonderful to find new things in the city and to go on new adventures even after you think you’ve seen everything. Even with all the walking around I’ve done in the past few months, there is still so much to explore both in the city and out.

For the past two months since I’ve been here, I’ve managed to stay almost exclusively in the city; I had never ventured outside of “downtown Switzerland.” But I finally changed that.

In the next few posts you’ll be able to follow my travels to places like: Lucerne, a beautiful city filled with history; Wengen, situated right in the middle of the Swiss Alps; and Lugano, right on the border of Italy. In my first look through my photos I can tell there are quite a few keepers, so key an eye out; it’s gonna be an awesome few weeks here on the blog!

Even now, in the middle of working, editing thousands of photos, and making preparations to stay longer, I’m planning a hike up the Matterhorn (you know, the Toblerone mountain) in a couple of weeks.

So, scroll through my pictures below. They’re mostly just flowers, but nature is pretty neat, isn’t it?

Till next time 🙂


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