I’m Moving to Berlin!

The last time I wrote a blog post was right at the beginning of the year. And maybe it’s only been six months since but so much has changed that it feels like a lifetime ago. So, while I have a quick minute in the lull of the summer months, I thought I would update you, my friends and family, to let you know what’s new in my life overseas (which you may have guessed by the title).

Let’s start with a little history

I first visited Berlin in the summer of 2011 and was quickly drawn to the city’s gritty and malleable nature. I was there for three days, but it kept its place in my heart. In 2014 I had the opportunity to spend three weeks back in the city with my lovely classmates and professors. I had thought that would be my only chance to study abroad, but at the last minute, I found out about another opportunity, and so spent five months at the beginning of 2016 studying German and learning history in the middle of the historic capital.

Since then I’ve visited five more times, three times this year alone, so you could say that something’s been drawing me back. Good thing too, since I’ll finally be moving there in less than a week!

So, what’s in Berlin?

In my year or so out of the States, I worked a year in Switzerland at a digital agency as a graphic designer and project manager, where I learned a lot and made some pretty great friends. But when I got the opportunity to move to Berlin, I had to jump at the chance!

It fits for me. Berlin feels like a younger crowd than Zurich, they’re more artsy, it’s the startup capital of Europe, and the rent (and beer) is half the price. So it really makes it the perfect place to live.

Best of all, in my new job I can work remote, which gives me the flexibility and opportunity to build up freelancing gigs on the side.

But are you ever coming back?

That’s a question I get asked a lot (mostly by my family), but my only answer is “who knows?”. I’m in my 20s with not much holding me back. So whether this is permanent or temporary, I haven’t a clue, but do know I’ll be back to visit soon.

Just keep the country together while I’m gone, ok?



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  • Robert Frahm says:

    I’m happy for you Marco! I know from your blogs that is where you want to be now. Your dad and I were there for a couple of days in December 1985. I thought the food and of course the beer was outstanding. Have a good time!

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